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深圳翔龙智能科技有限公司(以下简称:Xl-Robot)创建于2002年5月,是一家专业从事家庭服务机器人自主研发、设计、制造和销售的产业链企业,产品涵盖保洁机器人、空气净化机器人、机器人管家、教育机器人、安防机器人等。2016年1月,推出自主品牌“索逸”和“宜嘉净”,正式踏入家庭机器人领域终端市场。创新是Xl-Robot发展所秉承的基本理念,也是Xl-Robot占领市场、领先行业的核心竞争力。在国内,通过业内首创的“全渠道融合+O2O+粉丝经济”商业模式,Xl-Robot构建了集经销、配送及售后服务于一体的渠道网络覆盖主要城市,可实现线上购买、线下体验、2小时配送、售后上门的同城一体化服务。 Shenzhen Xianglong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, hereinafter referred to as: Xl-Robot,founded in May 2002, is a professional home service robot company with independent R&D, design, manufacture and sales. Products covered cleaning robot, air purifier robot, butler robot, education robots and security robots. In January 2016, it launched its own brand "Soeasy" and "Eajogem", formally entered the terminal market of home robots. We adhere innovation as basic concept to capture the market and lead the industries. In the domestic market, by the industry's first "all channels integration, O20,Fans economy&q...
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